Polyvalent Hall

Address: Aleea Stadionului nr. 4, Cluj-Napoca


The Polyvalent Hall is the best equipped multifunctional hall in Romania. It was inaugurated on 31 October 2014 with the concert of the British singer James Blunt, a concert with more than 5,000 spectators. The concert was shortly followed by the debut of the women’s handball and men’s basketball teams who played the first official matches hosted at the Hall.

With a total area of 38.410 square meters and a capacity of up to 10.000 seats, the Polyvalent Hall can host varied events, from contact sports (judo, boxing, martial arts, etc.), to gymnastics, hockey, tennis, table tennis and other team sports (basketball, handball, volleyball, etc.), to cultural, corporate events, conferences or concerts.

Romania - Table Tennis Federation

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